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Pets and your Carpets

Our family pets bring us years of fun, affection, and fond memories. It’s hard to imagine life without them. But Fido and fluffy, no matter how well trained, leave us other little reminders that they are around.

The Common Problem

Urine contamination is one of the most common problems we find in carpet and upholstery. Unfortunately, these spots are also of the most complex problems we face in cleaning. You see there are three problems associated with urine. First, there is the most obvious problem with odour. Urine contamination leaves a very unpleasant odour which is made even worse when mixed with heat, humidity or moisture.

The second problem is the urine, when allowed to remain in fabrics, is unsanitary. It is a natural breeding ground for bacteria, so the fabric itself must be sanitised and germs and bacteria counteracted.

The third problem associated with urine contamination in carpets as that the components of the urine itself can cause the carpet to become dis-coloured either immediately or overtime. The alkaline salts in the urine attack the colour dyes of the fabric itself and cause the discoloration. Urine itself contains dyes with may damage the carpet fibre. The complexity of the problem associated with urine contamination can depend upon many circumstances. The amount of urine that has been left in the area, the time allowed before it is treated the type and physical condition of the animal as well as many other factors.

Re-activated Odour

Sometimes the odour associated with urine contamination is not immediately obvious. Over time, the odour molecules and alkaline salts in the urine become dormant, and the odour is not evident. But the odour becomes immediately obvious when the urine contamination arrears are combined with moisture. On hot, humid summer days these odours may be more obvious. Occasionally, the cleaning process itself can reactivate the odour. This is why it is important for us to know of possible urine contamination so we can be prepared to combat it.

The Good News

The good news is – no matter how bad a urine contamination problem is, it can be treated. With proper deodorising solutions and equipment application technology, as well as the skills of our trained technicians, we can effectively treat all three problems associated with urine contamination and restore your home to its proper condition.

Options for Treatment

One option that many consider is the advanced technology available from treatment by urine Urine deodoriser even enzyme counteracts a unique blend of enzyme treatment technology that addresses all these areas of concern. Another option is to pre-treat the carpet proper to cleaning using the latest technology in urine pre-treatments. Treatment procedures may include disengaging and treating the carpet, disposal and replacement of contaminated cushion, and the cleaning and sealing for the subfloor beneath the carpet. The cleaning process itself will usually not eliminate the odours associated with urine contamination. Every aspect of where the urine contamination may have reached should be examined – carpeting, cushion, and the subfloor. The contaminated area should be deodorised, sanitised and neutralised.

Which Choice is Right For You?

PW Cleaning will discuss with you what treatment procedures we would recommend for your situation. Rest assured the safety and health of you and your family are very important to us. As an authorised member of Interactive Training International, we can provide you with options from which to choose that would be best correct the urine contamination in your carpeting. PW Cleaning Services sells a strong deodoriser with a unique four-way action to neutralise problem odours called PW Bubble Gum Odour Neutralizer.



Your professionalism, punctuality, friendliness & eager to please attitude has always been an absolute delight to deal with over the past 10 years. Our clients have always been extremely happy with the fantastic job you have always done & continue to do. I never have any hesitation recommending you to family, friends & clients.
Bernadette Coutis | Century 21 Seven Hills

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with your company for the past 5 years and a BIG thank you for your dedication, hard work and quality of service. We recommend you to everyone that our office comes in contact with. Your professionalism and ability to complete works requested is surpassed by none.
Starr Partners Kellyville

Paul has proven time and time again that there are people in this world who care and take great pride in their work. He always conducts himself in a professional and pleasant manner with both our staff and landlord / tenant clients.
Yvette Yatras | Ray White Bella Vista

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