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“Why should you let PW Cleaning Services clean your mattresses?”

There is a growing amount of scientific data that reveals better environmental hygiene improves health.

So what are the indoor pollutants that can negatively affect our health? They include outdoor pollutants brought inside, combustion products, contamination from chemical products used by the consumer and biological contamination. This is why EPA statistics show that levels of airbourne pollutants can be 100 to 500 percent higher indoors than outdoors.

Bio-pollutants include dog and cat dander, dust mites and cockroach allergens. These indoor pollutants act as triggers for asthma and other respiratory ailments. Children are the most risk, as their lungs are still in the developmental stage. The No.1 indoor allergen source is the common house dust mite.

Dust mites are microscopic, eight-legged arachnids (not insects) 0.3mm in length. They are invisible to the human eye, so small they can crawl through the weave of bedding fabrics and over 7000 dust mites can fit on a fingernail. A dust mite molts several times during its life producing 200 times its weight in waste and will lay 300 eggs. Each mite produces 40 to 100 faeces pellets per day. The mite’s droppings are coated in an enzymatic slimy substance, which after drying become mixed with other particles forming household dust.

So what about mattresses? For allergy sufferers, the bedroom is the primary source of dust mite exposure in the home. About 60 precent of mites in the home are found in the mattresses, as we spend one third of our life in bed – shedding skin and feeding dust mites.

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Your professionalism, punctuality, friendliness & eager to please attitude has always been an absolute delight to deal with over the past 10 years. Our clients have always been extremely happy with the fantastic job you have always done & continue to do. I never have any hesitation recommending you to family, friends & clients.
Bernadette Coutis | Century 21 Seven Hills

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with your company for the past 5 years and a BIG thank you for your dedication, hard work and quality of service. We recommend you to everyone that our office comes in contact with. Your professionalism and ability to complete works requested is surpassed by none.
Starr Partners Kellyville

Paul has proven time and time again that there are people in this world who care and take great pride in their work. He always conducts himself in a professional and pleasant manner with both our staff and landlord / tenant clients.
Yvette Yatras | Ray White Bella Vista

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